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Whistleblower Litigation

Whistleblower Litigation

A lot of money flows through Washington, D.C., and there is no shortage of companies doing business with the government that will try to take a free ride on the American taxpayers’ dime. Working with conscientious employees willing to blow the whistle on these exploitative practices, Korein Tillery’s attorneys are involved in numerous investigations and lawsuits stemming from inflated reimbursements, false claims, and tax fraud.


Korein Tillery has the resources to prosecute these often drawn-out, expensive, and resource-consuming cases on behalf of America’s taxpayers against powerful and motivated adversaries. We are also sensitive to the fact that becoming a whistleblower is an extremely difficult decision, so we routinely and confidentially counsel insiders on how to handle their discovery of potential misdeeds while protecting themselves, their families, and their collective financial futures.

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