Complex Litigation

Korein Tillery has the resources and experience to handle and win any high-stakes lawsuit. Over the past two decades, we’ve generated over $17 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients in litigation spanning practice areas such as Securities, ERISA, Antitrust, Tax, Environmental Law, Unfair Competition, and Consumer Protection. Although our attorneys have extensive subject-matter expertise, we strive to remain generalists; by distilling convoluted facts and legal theories down to elemental themes, we’re able to successfully prepare any complex case for a bench or jury trial. While no two cases we handle are exactly the same, one aspect remains consistent from case to case—our clients get results. Korein Tillery routinely engages in protracted, multi-faceted litigation against some of the most powerful and well-funded adversaries in the world. Our firm consistently prevails in these legal wars of attrition not only because we have the resources to prosecute claims as vigorously as they are defended, but also because we have the experience, mettle, and motivation to go the distance every time. Korein Tillery strives to be the nation’s leading complex litigation boutique by offering our clients creative, cutting-edge legal services in a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere—all while putting our own capital at risk and thus establishing true business partnerships with the individuals and entities we represent.