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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

While Korein Tillery’s attorneys have a wealth of specialized subject-matter expertise, we are, first and foremost, trial lawyers. We strive to remain generalists because the individuals who must ultimately side with our clients—judges and jury-members—are also generalists. Every case presents a new and unique challenge, and our ability to master complex factual scenarios allows a multi-dimensional approach to litigation.


Our approach has served our clients well - we’ve recovered billions of dollars for individuals, businesses, and governmental entities in a broad range of cases involving business torts, breaches of contract, unfair competition, violation of intellectual property rights, environmental contamination, tax collection, and violations of the duty of fair representation, to name a few. Korein Tillery’s attorneys have represented businesses of every size, from individual proprietorships, to some of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. We have the resources and experience to litigate commercial disputes of any size in any court in the country.

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