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Our Model

Our business model:
a partnership

The world of high-stakes, complex litigation is all about identifying and managing risk, whether it is direct risk from taking a certain position in a pending lawsuit, or contingent business risk from deciding whether, when, and how to pursue potential legal claims. While there are many law firms that can advise clients on obvious litigation risk and competently prosecute a run-of-the-mill lawsuit, only an elite few have the talent, experience, and resources to navigate their clients through the buried procedural, legal, and factual obstacles of a highly complex case all the way to a verdict. Fewer still are willing to stake years of their own time and millions of their own dollars on the conviction that that they will steer their clients on the right path-to put their own "skin in the game".


Korein Tillery is one of those exceedingly rare firms, and we have done it successfully for many years. Korein Tillery's clients derive great comfort from knowing that we believe in and are committed to their causes: we only accept cases on which we're willing to risk our own capital and reputation, and in most instances, we get paid only when our clients do. Our risk- and capital-intensive business model also enables out clients to raise the stakes and pursue litigation that might otherwise seem daunting or prohibitively expensive-without having to accept anything less than world-class legal representation.

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