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Notable Victories

Senne v. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (2022)


After over eight years of litigation, Korein Tillery negotiated a settlement in 2022 of $185 million on behalf of thousands of minor league baseball players alleging that Major League Baseball underpaid players. The players alleged that Defendants violated both state and federal labor laws by failing to compensate players at all during periods of work, like spring training, and by insufficiently compensating players during the season. In 2019, Korein Tillery scored a significant win for the players as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the case should proceed as a class action to trial. In 2022, Korein Tillery negotiated a settlement which resulted in players receiving back pay and MLB rescinding unfair rules and contractual provisions that required players to work long hours without any pay for much of the year.

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