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Partner Garrett Broshuis Weighs In On Landmark Supreme Court NCAA Antitrust Ruling

Garrett Broshuis published a column in Daily Journal explaining the significance of NCAA v. Alston, a landmark Supreme Court decision which held that the NCAA violated antitrust laws by restricting education-related benefits provided to college football and basketball players. Broshuis contrasts the Court’s analysis with previous rulings which created antitrust exemptions for professional baseball.

Broshuis—who represents former minor league baseball players in a wage-and-hour action against Major League Baseball—calls the Supreme Court’s ruling “a watershed moment for college athletes. While the plaintiffs in the Alston case did not win everything they originally sought…they established that our nation's antitrust laws do apply to the NCAA's operations. That decision makes the court's treatment of baseball all the more aberrational, and puts the NCAA on par with the court's treatment of other sports.”

Daily Journal subscribers can read the full article here.


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