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Major Summary Judgment Victory Paves Way for Minor Leaguer Minimum Wage Claims

Attorneys from Korein Tillery scored a major victory on behalf of minor league baseball players on Tuesday. The court found liability as a matter of law—and treble damages—for the largest set of claims in the case, and found many of the key elements of liability on all other claims. The decision set the stage for a larger trial on the remaining claims starting on June 1. Led by Korein Tillery partner Garrett Broshuis, a former minor league player himself, the class action suit seeks back wages and penalties for Major League Baseball’s failure to pay class members under minimum wage laws, including for uncompensated time spent working during spring training and for time spent traveling to and from games. The motion for summary judgment ruling is an enormous step toward holding MLB accountable for its longstanding mistreatment of minor league players.

News coverage of the ruling has appeared in numerous media outlets including ESPN, The Athletic, the Boston Globe, and Bleacher Report.


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