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Korein Tillery Secures $185 Million Settlement in Minor League Baseball Wage and Hour Class Action

After more than eight years of litigation on behalf of current and former minor league baseball players, attorneys from Korein Tillery have submitted a $185 million settlement agreement for judicial approval. In what would amount to one of the largest wage-and-hour class action settlements in history, Major League Baseball (MLB) has agreed to pay a total of $185 million to current and former minor league baseball players and rescind unfair rules and contractual provisions that have required players to work long hours without any pay for much of the year.

“This settlement is a monumental step for minor league players toward a fair and just compensation system,” said Garrett R. Broshuis, partner at Korein Tillery and co-counsel for plaintiffs. “As a former minor league baseball player, I’ve seen first-hand the financial struggle players face while earning poverty-level wages – or no wages at all – in pursuit of their major league dream. For the better part of a decade, it has been my honor to help lead this fight and to shine a light on the unfair labor practices that have long plagued America’s pastime.”

The full press release is available below.

Senne Press Release
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