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Korein Tillery's Steven Berezney Speaks to Missouri Municipal League's Annual Legislative Conference

February 22, 2023:

On February 22, 2023, Korein Tillery partner Steven M. Berezney spoke to the Missouri Municipal League’s annual legislative conference in Jefferson City. Mr. Berezney and Garrett Broshuis of Korein Tillery (along with co-counsel) are court-designated class counsel representing over 400 Missouri municipalities in litigation against streaming companies for nonpayment of video service provider fees due under Missouri statute. Mr. Berezney’s 40-minute speech focused on the merits and status of that litigation, its importance to municipalities, efforts by defendants to materially change the statute in the legislature due to the litigation, and how cities can oppose such harmful legislative efforts.

Korein Tillery, a well-recognized leader in litigation on behalf of municipalities, has similar cases pending in Georgia, Indiana, and Texas.


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