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Korein Tillery partner Robert Litan advocates for mandatory debate education

Robert Litan, a partner with Korein Tillery and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, recently published a post on the Brookings Institute blog calling for mandatory debate training for America’s school children. Litan contends that debate training would not only improve American education and students’ interest in learning, but also contribute to a healing of political and economic rifts. He believes that debate teaches a number of skills critical for a healthy democracy and society, namely how to “research; think critically and do it on your feet; back up arguments with evidence (not fake news!); work collaboratively with partners; speak persuasively in a civil fashion; and, perhaps most importantly, be[ ] able to argue both sides of most any issue or subject.” Litan’s article has been cited favorably by a number of sources, including journalists James Fallows of The Atlantic and Robert Mackey of The Intercept, as well as the New York City Urban Debate League.


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