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Korein Tillery files suit against United Airlines over undisclosed “kickbacks”

Korein Tillery attorneys, joined by their co-counsel León Cosgrove, LLP, filed a class action suit in Illinois federal court today alleging that United Airlines engaged in deceptive and misleading practices related to the sale of travel insurance. Customers purchasing airline tickets on United’s website must purchase or explicitly refuse travel insurance offered by a third party before being allowed to purchase their tickets. The complaint alleges that United receives undisclosed “kickbacks” for the policies sold on their website. Despite these payments, United does not provide anything in return for the kickback payments. Moreover, United is not licensed to sell travel insurance.

The complaint alleges that United’s marketing is intended to create the impression that the trip insurance is in the customer’s best interest—while hiding the fact that United is pushing the product because it is in its financial interest to generate sales. In other words, the customer is deceived into believing that United is acting in the customer’s best financial interest, and not its own.

Korein Tillery continues to investigate other airlines who have engaged in similar conduct.

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