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Attorney Rosemarie Fiorillo Inducted Into Society of Toxicology

Korein Tillery is delighted to congratulate attorney Rosemarie Fiorillo on her induction into the Society of Toxicology as its newest associate member. Founded in 1961, the Society of Toxicology is a non-profit corporation of scientists dedicated to promoting the acquisition and utilization of knowledge in toxicology. To be included in their ranks, one must have demonstrated interests, passions, and professional involvement in toxicology, be published within the field, and have the support of a minimum of two existing sponsors.

With the nominations of a past director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and a current research scientist at the University of Rochester, Rosemarie exemplifies the values of a SOT member. From her time as an undergrad at Rutgers University publishing original laboratory research and her time at AT&T Bell Labs, Rosemarie’s commitment to science and the environment has always been evident. That commitment inspired her to pursue law, advocating for environmental causes, especially clean water initiatives. Rosemarie has received several commendations, including the Mary Franzese Humanitarian award. Membership in the Society of Toxicology is the newest feather in Rosemarie’s illustrious cap.

More information about the Society of Toxicology can be found here: Society of Toxicology (SOT)


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